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I'm Johannes a web dev located in Bremen, Germany
Currently NOT looking for a job so please don't bother.

Work history / past employers

Lead Frontend Developer @ Lobenbergs Gute Weine
  • developing the new frontend architecture
  • coordination of then new checkout process with a remote agency.
  • supervising the implementation and giving technical feedback
  • writing the concept for the new ERP together wit backend developers
  • carry out company workshops to gather the requirements for new ERP
  • working with the legacy IT team to implement, deploy and maintain a gateway to Emarsys as a serverless function
  • improving response times using CloudFront.
  • concepted, implemented and documentend the new tracking architecture to reduce load times even further
Web Developer @ Traum-Ferienwohnungen GmbH
  • developing & maintaining an interactive statistics analytics program for homeowners.
  • developing a company
  • internal pattern library to spark collobaration between Frontend
  • Developers and keep a clear design language.
  • maintaining a large-scale PHP application with millions of visitors.
  • introducing an A/B testing culture
  • planned the migration to a modern techstack.
  • working on developing a new user-interface for customers using SSR with Nuxtjs
Junior Web Developer @ ATO interactive GmbH
  • introduced simpler JS package management
  • introduced Typo3 Mask for simpler & faster Frontend development
  • working on multiple national & international customers
  • started developing Sitecore (C#) and Symfony (PHP)



Javascript Vue.js Svelte React TypeScript CSS3 HTML5 JSON SASS Gulp jQuery Nuxt Next.js Bootstrap Vuetify Material Design Atomic Design Storybook ava jest npm Storybloks


PHP C# Node.js Express.js Nest.js Laravel Lumen SlimPHP .net core Typo3

Dev Ops / Tooling

yaml AWS (S3 Lambda Cloudfront Route53 ACM EC2 Beanstalk etc.) Docker CI / CD (Github Bitbucket Gitlab Drone) GCP Firebase Serverless E2E tests (cypress selenium) Figma Photoshop Illustrator git linux shell automation scrum framework Jira Kanban Confluence